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Social Events

We host several events a year with the sole goal of enjoying some time together.

Night at the Races

Held over the summer months while the rest of our association work is on hold, we host over 100 members for a delicious buffet meal and a chance to bet on the ponies. 

The PPMA sponsors a race and is able to bring a few members down to the winner's circle for a photo with the winning horse and their rider.

Tickets go on sale about a month prior to the event.

Horse Racing
Holiday Luncheon

We gather every December at a local venue to eat and be merry together. Over 250 members join us for this casual event. It's a sit-down meal that features prizes, wine, musical entertainment and a chance to celebrate another year coming to a close.

We keep the speaking program very light so folks have the chance to get to know each other and relax together for a few hours.

Tickets go on sale in the month of November.

Christmas Dinner Table
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