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Resources for the Public

This page contains some frequently requested resources.

Hiring a Property Management Company

If you're looking to hire a property management company, please visit our full list of members here. Due to the number of members we have, we are unable to make a recommendation. We encourage you to speak to several companies before making a decision.

If you're looking for a company that specializes in single property management (ie. a single family home as opposed to an apartment building), please see the list adjacent to this text.

Landlord & Tenant Relations

The PPMA is not a regulatory body and does not resolve disputes. The Residential Tenancies Branch administers all policies created by the Residential Tenancies Act, the law that regulates rentals in Manitoba.

If you are unsure of your rights as a tenant, or have a complaint about your property management company, you should contact the RTB.


Residential Tenancies Branch

Telephone: 204-945-2476
Toll Free in Manitoba: 1-800-782-8403

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