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Our committees help inform our programming, our community involvement, our political action and more. 

Our committees help inform our programming, our community involvement, our political action and more

Want to get involved on a committee? Click here to join our waitlist. Read more about any committee below:
Award Ribbon
Awards Committee

Each year notable achievements of our dedicated members and their staff are recognized at the Conference and Trade Show as well as at the Annual General meeting. Nominations can be self-submitted or submitted by peers. To see information on this year's awards, click here.

Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations

The PPMA is a proud member of the Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations. The CFAA represents the owners and managers of close to one million residential rental suites in Canada, through 14 associations across Canada and direct memberships. They also provide a voice for the residential rental industry, advocating the interests of the industry to the Federal Government of Canada.

Representative: Avrom Charach, Kay Four Properties
Communications Committee

The Communications Committee gathers and disseminates current information to the PPMA Membership. The committee will act on the needs of the membership for various property management issues and communicate this to various committees for action (i.e. Political Action Committee, Education Committee, etc). They will also provide and maintain a database of political "stances" maintained by the PPMA for future press releases and requested opinions. They also oversee the PPMA website, social media and e-newsletters. 

Education Committee

The Education Committee plans and organizes education for our members. This includes keynote speakers for our monthly breakfast meetings, our Conference speakers and any other opportunities for training, such as Residential Tenancies Branch training.

PPMA fosters and encourages continued education for the membership, always ensuring the membership is kept up to date on changes to RTB legislation or the newest incentives being offered by Manitoba Hydro.  In addition PPMA is affiliated with the Real Estate Institute of Manitoba (REIM), the chapter of the Real Institute of Canada and IREM COUNCIL #114 of the Institute of Real Estate Management.

The affiliation between the two organizations will provide for an expanded professional education, training and mentorship programs which would lead to our members receiving internationally recognized professional designations such as the A.R.M. (Accredited Residential Manager), A.C. M (Accredited Commercial Manager), and the C.P.M. (Certified Property Manager). Please refer to for further information.

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Energy & Environment Committee

The Energy and Environment Committee is responsible for providing guidance and direction on all issues relating to environmental services, community sustainability and utilities by ensuring they are up to date on current standards and available to challenge when required for the better of the membership.

Ethics Committee

The role of this committee is to review the Code of Ethics and, when called upon to investigate complaints of unethical business practices by members.

It is encouraged that matters be settled as amicably as possible between both members, but should there be a concern regarding the actions of a member, proper protocol includes contacting or filing complaint with the employer of the person or persons with whom the issue is with, if the matter is with a company, with the Residential Tenancies Branch, Manitoba Securities Commission or Consumer and Corporate Affairs. 

If the matter is not resolved the ethics committee will conduct an internal investigation.   Investigation will consist of requesting evidence of the issue which will be reviewed by an ad-hoc committee consisting of the Chair of the Ethics committee and two other PPMA members, one Associate Member and one Property Manager. The matter will also, as deemed appropriate, be discussed with the Member against whom the complaint was levied. Any recommendation of the Ethics Committee will be brought to the PPMA Board. The PPMA Board will be the final arbiters of the matter.


The Ethics Committee does not have the investigative and enforcement powers of government. As such, only recommendations to members can be made and/or suspend memberships.  

Golf Committee

Our annual golf tournament is always a sellout. Hosted at Glendale Golf & Country Club, we bring out property managers, supplier members and volunteer to put on a great event. We also make a charitable donation as part of the day. 

Membership Committee

The mandate of the Membership Committee is to introduce new members to the association and help them get the most out of their membership/experience with the PPMA. This includes helping new and existing members establish networking opportunities. The Membership Committee is also dedicated to finding ways to increase membership numbers, a benefit to all members. Increasing membership helps Principle Members by having a larger “voice” in the political and public arena, which drives and influences policy to improve the business environment for all landlords. Increasing membership helps Associate Members by giving them access to more business opportunities.

Political Action Committee

The Political Action Committee is a forum to discuss issues that affect the membership, as well as inform the members about current legislation on a municipal, provincial and federal level. The chair, working with the collective voice of the committee members and membership will service to speak on behalf of the PPMA as to the position in matters of relevance to the industry. Members of this committee liaise directly with the Residential Tenancies Branch, Manitoba Securities Commission and government officials to advocate on behalf of our industry.

Hands Red
Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations committee works in conjunction with the Trade Show, Golf Committee, and Social Committee to provide input and support to deserving charities that will be receiving donations from the PPMA. 

Social Committee

The Social Committee, as a standing committee of the PPMA, it is responsible for planning and coordinating social events for the benefit of the membership. The social committee also aids in fostering and encouraging a cohesive community spirit among the membership.

Night at the Races is held every summer. An exciting night of racing and fun! We sponsor a race and invite over a hundred of our members to mingle and bet on the ponies. Members were invited to attend the winners circle to present the halter to the winning jockey and horse.

The Holiday Luncheon is held every year with a sell out crowd. Membership contributes a the tin for the bin and a donation is presented to a deserving charity. 

Trade Show
trade show.png
Trade Show & Conference Committee

The mandate of the Trade Show Committee is to plan and execute a successful venue which encourages property management owners, senior managers, resident managers, office and maintenance staff to review, test, and purchase products and services from within the PPMA membership. The Committee would also poll exhibitors for ways to continually improve the trade show from year to year to make sure that the membership has a voice in its success. The Trade Show Committee will report to the Board of Directors on all material changes to the trade show from one year to another. 

Structure of the Trade Show Committee:

  • Made up of both associate members and members from property management companies to ensure the trade show meets the needs of both Principal and Associate members.

  • The committee will meet on a regular basis starting in the fall until the date of the trade show and also meet directly after the trade show to triage what worked and examine what changes & recommendations could possibly be implemented in the following year.


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