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Suite Living Trade Show and Conference

The mandate of the “Trade Show Committee” is to plan and execute a successful venue which encourages property management owners, senior managers, resident managers, office and maintenance staff to buy products and services from within the PPMA membership. The Committee would also poll exhibitors for ways to continually improve the trade show from year to year to make sure that the membership has a voice in its success. The Trade Show Committee will report to the Board of Directors on all material changes to the trade show from one year to another.

Structure of the Trade Show Committee:

  • Made up of both associate members and members from property management companies to ensure the trade show meets the needs of both Principal and Associate members.
  • The committee will meet on a regular basis starting in the fall until the date of the trade show and also meet directly after the trade show to triage what worked and examine what changes & recommendations could possibly be implemented in the following year.

Chair: Kyle Picard, BellMTS


  • Sean Kelin, Poulins Pest Control
  • Donna Greaves, Towers Realty Group
  • Janey Oldfield, BellMTS
  • Brenda Brydges, Brydges Property Management Inc.
  • Shirley Tillett, Executive Director
  • Kerri Hiebert, Event Coordinator
  • Linda Isaac, Johnson Waste Management Ltd.
  • Erik Shurchin, Reliance Superior Heating & Air Conditioning