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Robert L. Simpson Scholarship Committee

Chair: Maria Da Ponte, Globe Property Management


  • Wally Ruban, GEM Equities
  • Ron Maurer, MX Group
  • Frank Koch-Schulte, Edison Properties


Robert L. SimpsonRobert Lyle Simpson was born in Flin Flon, Manitoba on January 13, 1953 to Dan and Alma Simpson, the 8th of l0 children.  Around the age of 12, the Simpsons moved to Snow Lake where Robert attended Joseph H. Kerr School.  Following graduation, he enrolled at Eston Bible College in Saskatchewan.

After attending Bible College, Robert was employed by the Royal Bank in Roblin, Manitoba.  A few years later, he moved to Winnipeg to study business administration at Red River Community College.  While a student there, he obtained employment as a waiter at Merteen’s Dining Room to support himself.  After receiving his degree from RRCC, Robert worked at VIA rail, the Cancer Society, and lastly Edison Rental Agency.  He started his employment at Edison Rental Agency in 1987 and held the position of General Manager there at the time of his sudden passing in June 2008.

Robert’s belief in the value of continuing education was evident in his commitment to the creation of the Professional Apartment Caretaker Program (“PAC”) for the PPMA (Professional Property Managers Association) in conjunction with Red River Community College. He also created the continuing education credit program for PAC graduates to retain their certification and chaired the Education Committee in organizing and implementing the education program for the PPMA’s 2008 Trade Show and Conference.  Robert also served on the Trade Show Committee for the PPMA’s Annual Trade Show & Conference lending his creativity to numerous courses contributing to it’s success.

Robert’s enthusiasm, leadership and commitment to the PPMA and its members was always at the forefront.  This scholarship, sponsored by the Professional Property Managers Association, reflects Robert’s vision for continuing education for students graduating from his alma mater.

Award Recipients

2009 Morgan David Cann – currently managing Snow Lake Home Building Centre and is the founding president of the Snow Lake Chamber of Commerce.

Tegan Armsworthy – currently attending University College of the North in The Pas, 2nd year, working on her Bachelor of Nursing.

2011 Anna Jacqueline Roberts – currently attending the U of M, 3rd year of a 5 year program to become a Registered Dietician.
2012 Keplyn Krul – currently in her 1st year at SIAST in Moosejaw, SK – field of study is engineering, design and drafting.
2013 Taiya Korchinski – currently enrolled at the University of Saskatchewan working on her Bachelor of Science.
2014 Sumari Menge - She has been accepted to the University of Alberta where she will be studying physiology and developmental biology. Her aspiration is to continue with a medical degree and focus on becoming a family physician with plans to eventually return to Snow Lake and serve as the community’s doctor.
2015 Braden Michael James Kowalchuk - He is looking to pursue a career in Dentistry at the University of Manitoba and future plans include opening up a practice in the northern regions of Manitoba.
2016 Polina Gapotiy - Polina plans to start at the University of Manitoba in fall with the ultimate goal of becoming and architect.
2017 Mercedes Ann Marie Longpre plans to attend the University College of the North in The Pas, Manitoba where she will be taking the pre-employment course in carpentry. Her future includes owning her own business and coming back to her community to give back. We wish Mercedes the very best!

The Robert Simpson Memorial Scholarship was set up in 2009 in memory of Robert Lyle Simpson whose enthusiasm, leadership and commitment to the PPMA and its members was always at the forefront. It reflects Robert’s vision for continuing education for students graduating from his alma mater—Joseph H. Kerr School, Snow Lake, MB.