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Public Relations Committee

Chair: Wally Ruban, GEM Equities Inc.


  • Ron Maurer, MX Group

5th Annual CEO Sleep Out September 24, 2015

Kyle PicardThe 5th Annual CEO Sleep Out held on September 24, 2015 was an amazing and humbling experience.  Taking a walking tour of our down town at midnight including back lanes, Siloam Mission and The Salvation Army was an eye opener. I had no idea how many homeless there are in Winnipeg. Siloam Mission and the Salvation Army work together to help as many people as possible which includes feeding, clothing and providing shelter. Siloam Mission even has doctors and dentists who volunteer their time to make sure that people’s health is a priority.  They also work with people to help them get back on their feet and get employment. I encourage everyone to take a tour and see firsthand what I have.

The PPMA donated $500.00 toward the CEO Sleep Out and after emailing people on my Linkedin and Facebook accounts we raised an additional $265.00 for a total of $765.00. I was also inspired to go through my closet and my kids closets to pull together quite a lot of clothes that we could donate and will continue to drop off items that can help the less fortunate.

I was also very impressed with a 12 year old girl who addressed us all on the stage at Portage & Main.  Her name is Callie and her web page is https://www.facebook.com/calliesbackpacks

Callie helps Winnipeg's Homeless, by handing out backpacks filled with things they need. She is always looking for used backpacks, and toiletries or you can donate cash so that she can purchase these items. Callie started this when she was only 10 years old. I can only hope that we can all have the vision and courage that Callie has to recognize opportunities to help those in need.

Thank you all for the opportunity to represent the PPMA at this event. It was a great feeling to see the plaque above all the ovens/fryers/stove tops and food prep areas that the PPMA donated to Siloam Mission in years past. Because of donations like this, Siloam Mission approaching 500,000 meals served. Again, this was a very humbling experience that reminds me of just how great we have it and that there are opportunities for us all to make a difference.



Kyle Picard, MTS Inc.

PPMA Director

Brian Bowman and Kyle Picard