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Ethics Committee

Chair: Avrom Charach, Kay Four Properties Inc.


Established in 2000, the Ethics Committee consists of a chair and ad-hoc members, as issues arise.

The role of this committee is to, from time to time, review the Code of Ethics and, when called upon to investigate complaints of unethical business practices by members.

Should you have a concern regarding the actions of a member you should first deal with said concern through proper channels, usually by filing a complaint with the employer of the person with whom you are dealing or, if the matter is with a company, with the Residential Tenancies Branch, Manitoba Securities Commission or Consumer and Corporate Affairs. 

If the matter is not resolved please contact us and we will conduct an internal investigation.  Said investigation will consist of requesting evidence of the issue which will be reviewed by an ad-hoc committee consisting of the Chair of the Ethics committee and two other PPMA members, one Associate Member and one Property Manager.  The matter will also, as deemed appropriate, be discussed with the Member against whom the complaint was levied.  Any recommendation of the Ethics Committee will be brought to the PPMA Board.   The PPMA Board will be the final arbiters of the matter.

The Ethics Committee does not have the investigative and enforcement powers of government.  As such we can only make recommendations to members and/or suspend memberships.  That is why we ask that normal channels be followed before contacting the Ethics Committee.