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Communications Committee

Chair: Garret Wong, Garamark Property Management Inc.

Members: Frank Koch-Schulte, Edison Properties

Mario Lopes, M.R. Lopes Investments Inc.

Kyle Picard, BellMTS

Maria Da Ponte, Globe Property Management

Robyn Grant, Akman Management

The mandate of the Communications Committee” is to gather and disseminate current information to the PPMA Membership. The Committee would act on the needs of the membership for various property management issues and communicate this to various committees for action (i.e. Political Action Committee, Education Committee, etc). They will also provide and maintain a database of political "stances" maintained by the PPMA for future press releases and requested opinions.   For example, the President and President Elect attended a meeting with the RTB as they wanted our input before submitting a proposal to the government prior to a major policy change. In the past, we have always gone in with “anecdotal” information.  If we had the proper resources available, we could have gone into the meeting with actual numbers and feedback from our membership.

Numbers from our membership, or the stance of our members, could be quickly polled and gathered through something like a PPMAsmart phone app. This is something that the “Communications Committee” will be pursuing to see it’s viability and alternate use in place of, or in conjunction with, the current PPMA website. Just another, more efficient way of communicating to our membership.

Structure of the Communications Committee:

· Made of up members that have unique skill sets in marketing, digital media, social media, websites, databases.

· The committee will meet on a regular basis, take minutes of those meetings and delegate sub-projects appropriately.