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CFAA Rep: Avrom Charach, Kay Four Properties Inc.


The PPMA are proud members of the Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations.

The CFAA web-site  (www.cfaa-fcapi.org) states:

“The Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations (“CFAA”) represents the owners and managers of close to one million residential rental suites in Canada, through 14 associations across Canada and direct memberships. In existence since 1995, CFAA is the sole national organization representing the interests of Canada's $80 billion private rental housing industry, which provides quality rental homes for more than eight million Canadians.

CFAA provides a voice for the residential rental industry, advocating the interests of the industry to the Federal Government of Canada. We believe that a healthy rental market contributes greatly to our national well-being and economic prosperity. We believe that the policies we advocate will benefit landlords, tenants and taxpayers.

CFAA also functions as an information exchange among our member associations, providing information about best practices and successful programs across the country.

CFAA holds an annual apartment conference for landlords to address investment, tenant relations, property management, facilities management and energy issues.

CFAA organizes a compensation and benefits survey of the rental housing industry across Canada.”


The CFAA is always looking for more people who are interested in national affairs.

Please speak to PPMA’s CFAA Board Representative if you wish to become more involved in national lobbying efforts.